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Mission & Vision

The Center for Law and Human Behavior is a focal point at The University of Texas at El Paso for extramural research in the social and behavioral sciences. At the CLHB, faculty interested in pursuing funded research will find the expertise and support they need to help them refine their ideas, craft competitive proposals, and manage their grants once they are awarded.

The CLHB also serves as a community of scholars and helps identify common interests and research themes among faculty and students for multidisciplinary research and inquiry.

The CLHB strives to develop relationships with government and non-profit stakeholders in areas such as criminal justice, behavioral health, substance abuse, and program evaluation to help improve the delivery of services to citizens in the Paso Del Norte region and beyond.

Support Activities

  1. Pre-award planning, proposal review and evaluation, and budget preparation.
  2. Post-award grants management, financial reconciliation, and account monitoring.
  3. Develop broad expertise and expand horizons by engaging new faculty in Center activities.
  4. Sponsorship of scholarly lectures, seminars, and conferences.
  5. Provision of seed funding to advance the development of multidisciplinary research proposals.


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The Center for Law and Human Behavior
Prospect Hall, Room 208
The University of Texas at El Paso
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