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Border Security Expert Says Surge Not Working as Lawmakers Set to Spend More

Texas lawmakers are expected to decide this week just how many more hundreds of millions of your tax dollars they will spend on more border security.

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Study Focuses on Officer-Citizen Interactions

Jeffrey Rojek, Ph.D., associate director of UTEP’s Center for Law and Human Behavior and associate professor in the Department of Criminal Justice, is leading a two-year study on officer-citizen interactions and de-escalation of force.

Border patrol TRIB

Trump vowed to hire 5,000 Border Patrol agents. It never happened.

Hampered by poor morale, hiring problems and high attrition, as well as rampant corruption, hiring hasn't met this goal since 2013.

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ABC7 Extra - Vic Manjarrez
Border Wall

Interview with Victor Manjarrez regarding proposed updates to border wall.